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Turtle Flambeau Flowage Winter
Camping Info
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    Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
    The Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area offers many miles of
    hiking trails and old logging roads that are open to cross-country
    skiing and snowshoeing; these trails are not groomed but do
    offer opportunities to explore the back country. Hidden Rivers
    Nature Trail, although not groomed, is a great place to enjoy
    winter scenery and wildlife on skis or snowshoes.

    The MECCA Cross-Country Ski Club maintains a groomed cross-country trail on the
    property. This Club trail is open to cross-country skiing, skijoring, and snowshoeing.

    MECCA Trails
    The MECCA Cross-Country Ski Club grooms 18 km for skating and classical skiing.
    Snowshoeing and skijoring are allowed only on untracked (skating) portions of the trail.

    The Little Turtle trailhead is located off Popko Circle East in the Little Turtle Waterfowl
    Management area. The Cabin trailhead is located south of Mercer on town of Mercer
    lands off Beachway Drive. The heated log cabin at this trailhead offers a changing room,
    sitting area, and wood stove. Hot beverages, cookies, and water are available for
    purchase. Portable toilets are located at both trailheads. A warming shack sits at the
    midway point along the Little Turtle River.

    Volunteers perform all the trail maintenance and grooming. All funds to purchase and
    maintain grooming equipment, maintain the cabin, warming shack, and toilets are
    obtained through donations. Donation boxes and trail maps are located at both

    Snowmobiles and ATVs
    Snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles (ATVs) are allowed on state
    owned lands on designated trails only. There are a number of
    snowmobile trails which cross the Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters
    Area. There are no ATV trails on the property.

    Please refer to the Iron County snowmobile trail map before
    snowmobiling on the property to determine those areas that are legal for snowmobile use.

    Snowmobiles and ATVs are allowed on the ice of the Flowage, however, before venturing
    out onto the ice be sure conditions are safe and you know where you are going. Some
    areas are hazardous throughout the winter because of currents under the ice. In addition,
    fluctuating water levels can create uneven ice conditions.

    One of the most popular activities during the winter months is
    ice fishing, With its vast amount of water and structure, there
    are hundreds of spots that produce walleye,crappie, bluegill,
    jumbo perch, northern pike, and smallmouth bass.
    Early ice brings the best walleye fishing, as does the last week in
    March before walleye closes till May. Tip-ups fishing is the most
    widely used for the walleye, although jig fishing can be very good.
    As we head into middle March, pan fishing picks up.  Slab sized crappie, jumbo perch,
    and hand sized bluegill are common catches. Jigging with small jigs tipped with live bait
    works best.
    Always be sure you check ice conditions during early and late parts of season.
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Turtle Flambeau