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    Boating on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage can be
    memorable in many ways. You do need to exercise
    caution the Flowage has an abundance of stumps,
    logs, and rock bars. Water levels continue to be
    raised or lowered to benefit downstream
    hydroelectric plants. Even if you think you know
    your way around these changing water levels mean you must slow way down in some
    areas. A guide is recommended for first time visitors - activities like water skiing and jet
    skiing have some areas, but very limited.

    The Flowage provides the best of north woods fishing experiences.
    The Flowage supports a diversity of native warm water fish species
    including walleye, muskellunge, northern pike, smallmouth and
    largemouth bass, lake sturgeon, and various panfish species.

    The Flowage is best known for its superb walleye fishery. Walleye are by far the most
    abundant gamefish and provide the majority of sport fish harvest. Natural reproduction
    and abundance of catchable size walleye are outstanding.

    Black crappie has proven to provide some exceptional panfishing during the early
    summer months and through the ice. Like all crappie populations they are cyclic and
    when numbers are up fishing is tremendous.

    The Turtle Flambeau Flowage has a good population of jumbo perch. Best times to fish
    these jumbos is early spring, (fall) September / October. Weed edges and heavy wooded
    areas produce the best results.

    Bluegill population has exploded in the last ten years. Nice gills up to 10" are now being
    caught. Weeds and wood seem to hold the best action.

    Muskies provide outstanding trophy angling. In the past muskies in excess of 50 pounds
    have been caught. Annual stocking is used to supplement the limited natural reproduction.

    Smallmouth bass provide quality fishing when action is slow for other species.  Thick
    wood areas provide the best cover and small mouth action. "Smallies" in the Flowage are
    exceptionally heavy fish for their length.
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