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    Doc's Tackle Box:

    Mike "Doc" Sabec has been a professional
    fishing guide for the last 20 some years in the
    Mercer area.  As a lifetime resident of Mercer,
    Wisconsin, "Doc" has been fishing the Turtle
    Flambeau Flowage and Mercer area lakes for
    38 years. “Doc” spends on average 200 days a
    year fishing the Turtle Flambeau and area
    lakes, specializing in walleye, small mouth
    bass, crappie, and early spring jumbo perch.  
    As we plan to head into the Mercer area to fish,
    for the first time or a seasoned veteran, a few
    tackle tips are always helpful. Doc has put
    together a few tackle suggestions for products
    that he recommends and uses on a daily basis.

    Jigging walleyes has always been the most
    productive method and presentation when
    fishing the Turtle Flambeau. Tipped with a
    minnow or half crawler, the weedless jig is a
    very effective way to work wood areas, rocks,
    and weed lines. The ISG Slowfall Jig in the 1/8
    oz. size and various colors is a excellent
    choice. With a plastic weed gaurd and wire
    hook will get you into where the fish are
    without to much trouble with snags.
1/8th Oz. Slowfall Jigs

    Small Mouth Bass love scented tubes. The 4"
    tube imitates the crayfish, and the small
    mouth's number 1 source of food in our area is
    the crayfish. The Turtle Flambeau Flowage is
    full of crayfish making the 4" tube the bait of
    choice. Rig the tube with either a 1/16th or
    1/8th oz tube jig. Vertical jigging these tubes
    around wood and weeds or casting and
    retrieving in a jigging motion can prove to be
    deadly for the small mouth. The ISG 4" tube in
    the "Crawdad" color is Doc's first choice,
    followed by the Watermelon Chartreuse and
    then the Goby.  A slowfall with crawler or
    minnow also produce well.
Watermelon Chartreuse

    The Turtle Flambeau flowage is abundant with
    crappie. Although not always easy to find on a
    consistent basis in the summer months, the
    crappie presentations and tackle are quite
    simple. I like to use a small 1/16th oz. jig which
    can be weedless or plain. Light line, (4 lb. test)
    and a soft tipped rod always adds a advantage
    to your success. Color of the jigs doesn't seem
    to matter as much as where the presentation is
    offered to the crappie. A small fathead minnow
    on the small jigs always works best. Crappies
    suspend most of the time over brush, cribs,
    weed lines, and deep water so it is very
    important to get the bait in their feeding zone.
    Slip bobber set ups can also work well when
    wanting to fish a desired depth over the top of
Yellow Perch

    The Turtle Flambeau Flowage has one of the
    best populations of jumbo perch around.
    Jumbo, meaning perch are common in the 10-
    14 inch range. I like to work a 1/16th oz. jig
    tipped with a 1 inch piece of crawler.
    Wood and weeds are key in finding the active
    perch in spring and summer months. The best
    fishing of all for the perch is the last week in
    April. Fall drives the perch to the deeper river
    channels, the deeper the better. Fall, use a
    fathead minnow instead of the crawler.

    Over the last 8 years or so we have seen a
    explosion of bluegill on the Turtle Flambeau
    Flowage. Gills up to 10-11 inches can be found
    around wood and weedy areas. Cribs provide a
    good shelter for the bluegill along with stump
    fields with good root systems. Small light jigs
    tipped with a small piece of crawler or worms
    work best to vertical jig these areas. Slip
    bobbers with the light jigs and worms set about
    a foot over the cribs, weed edges, and stump
    fields is also a great way to take these nice
    flowage gills.
Turtle Flambeau