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Fishing Forecast for the Turtle Flambeau Flowage
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    Knight's Solunar Theory
    An avid outdoorsmen and sportswriter, Knight perfected his Solunar Theory of fish and
    game activity over a period of many years making observations while hunting and
    He found that all fish and game are more active during different times of the day and
    night.  He examined 33 variables to see their effect on hunting times and fishing times.  
    Of the 33, the position of the sun, moon, and tides were determined to be of the utmost
    importance.  He noted that there are two "major" time periods and two "minor" time
    periods each day that fishing and hunting are most likely to be productive. Because of
    the effect of the sun and the moon, he named these times "Solunar Periods" which have
    been compiled into solunar tables for almost 8 decades now.
    The "Fishing Forecast" includes, sunrise, sunset times, day length, moon rise,set,
    overhead, moon phase, major and minor fishing times, and predictions of average,
    good, better, and best. Predictions are color coded as graph below.

Average Fishing
Good Fishing
Better Fishing
Best Fishing
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